Chuck Dutill, P.E., D.F.E.

Founded in 1988, Heritage serves clients nationwide needing:
Culvert re: Flooding
Heritage Technical Services
Stormwater Culvert re: Flooding
Chuck Dutill - Hydrology Expert Witness
"You did a very good job, including a great job on cross . . . You were good on your feet, a real strength of yours. . . I wouldn't have changed anything about your work on the case. . . . We won $400,000 with the jury after being offered $15,000 all along, largely due to your work."
(Long Time PI Sole Practitioner after report and testimony)
"The analysis in your report far outshone those by all the other experts concerning the issues . . . It was much more thorough, compelling, and relevant."
(Defense Partner for large, complex construction case with many parties)
1880s Culvert Allegedly Responsible for 6 Flooding Deaths
(Past Heritage Expert Witness Case in Philadelphia Area where defendant for whom Chuck Dutill provided extensive report paid approximately 1% of total paid by 4 defendants)
  • provision of environmental engineering, civil engineering, and hydrology expert witness services, including investigation, analysis, consultation with counsel, written reports, and expert testimony
  • analysis of regulations, including concerning compliance and enforcement
  • evaluation of monitoring requirements
  • development of engineering feasibility studies and facility plans
  • acquisition of permits with appropriate requirements and fees
  • provision of project cost advice 
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Dawn Grothmann
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