Selected Specific Expert Witness Experience

Wastewater Backup
1240 West Chester Pike, Suite 213
West Chester, PA 19382-9100
Sunrise Sinkhole
"Your report was well-constructed with excellent attention to detail . . . very strong, yet such that a lay person could fully comprehend it."
(Senior Defense Litigation Partner)
"I appreciated your attention to and response to all of my requirements . . . You did a good job of managing cost in light of the services needed - it was a good balance . . . Your timeline for providing services was also very good."
 (Senior Defense Attorney for major, complex case)
Sinkhole That Formed Two Days After Chuck Dutill Warned Facility to No Longer Park 15-Passenger Van Here Due to Risk of Sinkhole Formation at the Stormwater Sewer
(Past Heritage Expert Witness Case in Philadelphia Area)
Backup of Wastewater into Garage that Damaged Many Cars
(Past Heritage Expert Witness Case in Atlanta)