Selected Specific Expert Witness Experience

The following is a representative sample of the expert witness experience of Chuck Dutill, P.E., D.F.E. of Heritage Technical Services:

  • Sewer System, Backups
  • Sanitary Sewage, Stormwater, Overflows, Groundwater
  • Flooding, Stormwater, Drainage, Erosion, Sedimentation
  • Septic System, Sanitary Sewage, Mold
  • Drainage, Runoff
  • Backups, Maintenance, Sanitary Sewage, Inspections
  • Wastewater Treatment, Overflows, Storage
  • Sewer System, Backups, Health and Safety
  • Overflows, Pumping, Regulations, Sewer Systems
  • Drainage, Grading, Detention Basin, Flooding
  • Hydrology, Combined Sewers, Piping Systems, Floodplain, Hydraulics
  • Erosion, Sedimentation, Surface Water
  • Hydrology, Grading, Sinkhole, Stormwater Management
  • Hydroplaning, Hydrology, Runoff
  • Infiltration/Inflow, Mold, Sanitary Sewers, Rainfall Analysis
  • Flooding, Hydraulics, Floodplain, Standard of Care
  • Wastewater Treatment, Pressures
  • Contamination, Potable Water, Septic System
  • Water Wells, Toxicity, Groundwater, Modeling, Hydrogeology
  • Septic System, Surface Water
  • Groundwater, Aquifer, Hydrogeology, Spills
  • Wetlands, Drainage, Runoff, Siltation, Erosion, Grading
  • Wastewater Discharge, Air Quality, Soils
  • Hydrology, Flow Metering (monitoring), Combined Sewers, Design, Construction
  • Flooding, Detention, Piping, Maintenance, Inspection, Design, Construction, Sinkhole, Dam, Sedimentation
  • Wastewater, Pumps, Monitoring, Odors
  • Air Pollution, Aquifer, Modeling, Toxicity, Soils, Hydrogeology
  • Hazardous Waste, Storage, Regulations, Pollution
  • Drinking Water, Wells
  • Solid Waste 
  • Hazardous Waste, Remediation
  • Water Quality, Drinking Water
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