Chuck Dutill Bio



1240 West Chester Pike, Suite 213
West Chester, PA 19382-9100
You had a very good demeanor . . . Your attention to detail was particularly helpful . . . You did an excellent job with the deposition, being truthful but very careful."
(Senior PI attorney with large, complex case, after several days of video-taped deposition)
"This was very helpful and very good, especially the outside-the-box thinking necessary for this case."
(Senior PI Attorney on large complex case after long call with reporting on preliminary expert opinion)
Chuck Dutill at Stormwater Riser with Safety/Trash Rack in Detention Basin with failing adjacent 1,000' by 50' retaining wall jeopardizing entire foundation of a Sam's Club
(Past Heritage Expert Witness Case in New Jersey)
Elevated Gravity Sanitary Sewer
(Past Heritage Expert Witness Case in Kentucky)