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Services for Amusement/Water Parks

Heritage Technical Services, Inc. is an environmental engineering and hydrology consulting firm that has been providing professional service to amusement/water parks and other recreational facilities (including camps/conference centers with pools and lakes; campgrounds with pools, water attractions, and lakes; country clubs with pools and lakes; and swim clubs) since 1988. Heritage works extensively with environmental and hydrology regulations and permitting issues, and also performs resulting feasibility studies. These environmental requirements can result in substantial impacts, potentially affecting amusement facilities in the next several years and beyond. Related wastewater, stormwater, and water services provided by Heritage include flow metering advice, sampling/analysis advice, instrumentation and control engineering, and pump station engineering.
The firm has provided expert witness services for amusement facilities for between 5 and 10 cases. The types of facilities have comprised water parks, amusement parks, country clubs with lakes and pools, camps with lakes and pools, as well as campgrounds with lakes and pools. Some of the issues addressed for these expert witness cases have included hydrology, stormwater, water quality, water monitoring, pool chemicals, flooding, drainage, runoff, surface water, erosion, floodplains, sewer systems, sanitary sewage, overflows, hydraulics, detention, groundwater, wastewater treatment, and waste disposal.
Heritage specializes in water, wastewater, stormwater, hazardous substances, and also solid waste regulatory, permitting, and compliance services for commercial establishments, including amusement/water facilities. In this regard, Heritage has worked with numerous recreational organizations and facilities, including Cedar Fair Ltd., Dorney Park/Wildwater Kingdom, Surfside Pier/Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club, Mariner's Landing/Raging Waters Waterpark, and White Water Mountain Resorts, to ensure that hydrology and environmental restrictions are appropriate and to address some or all of the above-noted issues. One such amusement company with multiple facilities for whom ongoing hydrology and environmental engineering services are being provided has been a client since the late 1980s.

Current and future environmental and hydrology issues will continue to significantly affect amusement facilities throughout the United States, especially those with water attractions. Federal, state, and especially local agencies implement environmental regulations, policies, and fees, causing the development and operation of amusement parks to be more costly and burdensome. The wastewater, stormwater, and water factors affecting recreational parks, and especially water leisure facilities, seem to grow more demanding every year. Such environmental and hydrology issues can include:
  • water/wastewater operational and connection fees
  • filter backwash management and disposal
  • water quality
  • metering and billing issues
  • water/wastewater monitoring
  • stormwater factors
  • hazardous pool chemicals management
  • water recycling and conservation
  • wastewater discharge controls
  • the need for permits (including NPDES permits)
  • pool water disposal
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